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Cabot’s Candygram: Reunions and Goodbye to Summer 2021

Cabot’s Candygram: Reunions and Goodbye to Summer 2021

This past summer we put out the call to some of our best returning customers that we wanted to help them have a great reunion with their friends and family by offering a 2 lb bucket of our handmade saltwater taffy to share! The response was wonderful! Customers wrote in telling us about their upcoming family reunions, barbecues, class reunions, tailgates, pool parties, work functions and how excited they were to be in-person after so long!

We shipped them a 2 lb bucket of our saltwater taffy and we received back so many photos of smiling faces enjoying the sweetness of sharing this classic candy together. Below you can see a bunch of these families and the photos they submitted. If you are ever interested in submitting a photo or video to us to post on our social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram, please tag us or email




Now that summer is coming to an end and the parties and gatherings are in the rear view, people are looking towards fall and getting back to their routines whether it be normal…or new-normal. Amid a labor-shortage that was felt across the nation, at Cabot’s Candy we were lucky enough to welcome a host of eager and responsible summer staff consisting mainly of students ready to support  the work necessary for making thousands of pounds of saltwater taffy and handmade fudge. Many of these great folks have now packed up and left to return to their lives and schooling- sadly bidding farewell to a summer of fun and gaining work experience.

As things wind down on the beach and summer tourists return home we will continue to do our very best to bring our customers the treats they have come to expect all year long. We don’t stop once it gets chillier, and in fact we are ready to ramp up our shipping operation to ensure prompt and top-notch delivery of everything we sell. As temperatures across the country continue to drop we are also dropping our shipping rates back to their original levels which is good news for everyone! 

We are also really excited to announce that we have just introduced some new and exciting flavors to the taffy mix:

Pineapple-Coconut Taffy

Neapolitan Taffy 

Strawberry-Banana Taffy

Check out these and stay up-to-date on everything we are rolling out in the coming months!

Stay Sweet, 


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