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Cabot’s Candygram: Creative YOU!

Cabot’s Candygram: Creative YOU!

Our doors have been open at Cabot’s Candy since 1927 but that doesn’t mean that we’ve always been able to capture the moment with our customers. A bucket of fresh assorted salt water taffy is opened for the family at a picnic or that first slice of soft, rich fudge is cut and savored in quiet bliss. We send our products out to the world for your enjoyment and we strive to delight and exceed expectations! 

On occasion our customers (you!) will send us some wonderful content using our products! We’ve seen what you have created; the beautiful, the funny, the clever and we thought we would share some of that with the rest of the world! It has been so much fun to see how people present our products at family gatherings, weddings, holidays, summer parties, classroom celebrations, beach days, etc., etc.! When we receive your photos or videos it is such a delight. Some of them remind us of a magazine photo-spread! You are a creative collection of people from all over the country and with a rainbow of different backgrounds and we love to see all of it!

Please enjoy these wonderful contributions to our customer family photo album, seen below:

Photo submitted via Instagram by: @serene3669

I just love the way that our carousel bucket is placed here! To me it is reminiscent of place settings and photo shoots of a 1950s and 1960s bygone era. The addition of the glass candy jars at each place setting ties everything together. Beautiful!

Photo submitted via Instagram by: @chaitotherescue

Dogs and candy! How can you possibly go wrong with these two? I just love the way that Chai’s owner brings out her dogs’ colorful personality! We see so many dogs in Provincetown enjoying the sunshine and beach with their owners - why not a little bit of sweet for the human and treat for the dog!

Photo submitted via Instagram by: bobbilynn111

So gorgeous and beachy! I can just see the fun that this family is having after a day at the beach. Coming home to a 5lb bucket of saltwater taffy laid out so well on a beautiful beaded mat surrounded by an ocean palette. Bravo!

Photo submitted via Instagram by: @charterbhc

It is such an honor to be inducted in someone’s life event and it is a humbling experience. In this photo I love the mixture of a well-designed logo, snacks, and saltwater taffy. Our candy can be added to any swag bag or favor box for that extra special and colorful touch!

Photo submitted via Instagram by: @jacklovesbourbon

We’re getting creative in the kitchen - Our beer and coconut rum brittle are an exciting twist on our original peanut brittle. Here @jacklovesbourbon has laid out a delicious spread of brittles, assorted saltwater taffy and fudge. I like how the patterns and branding designs mix and push forward against a calm background, making the candy stand out!

Photo submitted via Instagram by: @stillcutedough

A fun holiday box to open and something for everyone! The holidays get crazy and it is always a good time to grab a little time for yourself and maybe even get yourself a treat for treating everyone else. There is a lot of sweet holiday cheer in this photo!

Photo submitted via Instagram by: @mmelone_herethereandeverywhere

Our classic hand-painted windows by @bestdressedsigns are a SHOW STOPPER! We agree with @mmelone_herethereandeverywhere that they are certainly good subject matter for photographers and vacationers alike. Pictured here is one of our front windows at our factory and store location, 276 Commercial Street Provincetown, Massachusetts. If you snap a pic please let us know and we’ll feature it!

If you have any gorgeous, funny, creative, wonderful photos using or highlighting our products or store, we would LOVE to see them. You can email us at, tag us on Instagram: @cabots_candy or Facebook: @cabotscandyprovincetown. We would be happy to tag you and give you credit for your photo!

Stay sweet!


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