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Cabot’s Candygram: FUUUUUUGE!

Cabot’s Candygram: FUUUUUUGE!

Have you ever tried something that is just so good you can’t imagine tasting anything better?? Like the way that certain foods melt in your mouth and alight the senses in just a way as to give you shivers? I get that sense sometimes with different foods and it reminds me of what a delight it is to really TASTE something. 


My friend’s mom once brought over an Eggplant Parmesan she had made and I thought “Ho-hum, I don’t really like eggplants.” BUT THEN...OMG. I have never tasted any savory dish as tasty as that little reheated Eggplant Parmesan. It was textured, slightly salty, cheesy, creamy, crackley, vegified and breaded and oh BOY was it so delicious. I will always be a convert to Eggplant Parms from now on. 

But now the question is, what’s for dessert? So many options out there, right? You can have your cheesecake, ice cream, skittles, baked Alaska, chocolate chip cookie, etc., etc., etc. But what will really conquer that itch that you want to scratch for sweet?

May I suggest something?

The copper kettle fudge that we make in small batches at our own factory in little seaside Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod is some of the most creamy and delightful dessert that one could possibly find. I like to cut it in ¼” slices and take little nibbles to really enjoy every bite. 

Our list of flavors is quite extensive too; we offer:

The Classics

Milk Chocolate Fudge - We use fine Belgian chocolate (38% cocoa content) to transform our milk chocolate fudge into the ultimate comfort food.

Chocolate Peanut Butter - Our top selling fudge and for good reason -it's irresistible!  Creamy peanut butter fudge and smooth chocolate combine in effortless perfection.


Maple Fudge - Simple, classic -our smooth, creamy recipe is a brown sugar base made with real maple syrup. Also known as a penuche style fudge. We can never stop at one bite.

Dark Chocolate Walnut FudgeA favorite in our stores -rich, creamy dark chocolate, bursting with walnuts.  Made with fine Belgian dark chocolate, 54.5% cocoa content.

New Kids on the Block

Chocolate Cherry FudgeWe absolutely love this combination, made with whole, juicy cherries and 54% Belgian chocolate. Our newest favorite fudge!


Cookies n’ Cream Cookie FudgeThis amazing flavor is a true crowd-pleaser -our mouth watering fudge loaded with irresistible chocolate cream cookies-the perfect addition to any assortment.


Chocolate Turtle FudgeOur own amazing caramel recipe, loaded with pecans, sandwiched between layers of delicious chocolate fudge -so good!

You can order our fudge flavors starting at our smallest quantity, 1/2lb for $8.95 to sample for yourself, or purchase our 2lb variety sampler with eight different flavors of fudge for $32.99 to please a crowd!

Sometimes you just have to have that perfect taste on the tip of your tongue and I am thinking I want fudge right about NOW!

Shop these and many other flavors on our website and as always you can see what we are up to in the shop, factory and all around by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram!

Stay sweet, 


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