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Cabot's Candygram: The Seashore in Winter

Cabot's Candygram: The Seashore in Winter

The seashore isn’t the first thing that I generally think about in wintertime and I believe that that might be a fair statement to make about most people. The shore is for sun, sand, hot and lazy days filled with fun and adventure, right? Perhaps people most adept to difficult weather are the inhabitants of the seashore during the wintertime - a weather-beaten bunch hunkered down in coastal communities. However, it is this spirit of perseverance through tempestuous weather that drove a small community to first land and then flourish in this little seaside town of what is now Provincetown, Massachusetts on November 11, 1620. The pilgrims were just about to begin their first winter in a new land - did they find it beautiful despite the hardship? 
 Many generations later as I walk down the chilly streets of the Provincetown we know today I am struck by the beauty of this place, even in winter. The sun glints off of frosted water, crusted into heaves at the beach’s edge. The shops, many of which have tucked in for the winter still emit a warmth of seasons yet to come. And finally, neighbors, many of whom have been less inclined to venture out, now seem to seek out a familiar face and spend the length of an afternoon or a cup of coffee together to re-root themselves again. 
 At Cabot’s Candy we feel incredibly lucky to be part of this historical piece of land and storied town. Since opening our doors in 1927 we have seen neighbors come and go, families grow and seasons change. We count ourselves as part of the tried and tested inhabitants of the seashore. If you find yourself in Provincetown this winter come in and warm up with us - we are open all year round. If you can’t make it out to the tip of the Cape this winter you can see what we are up to on Facebook and Instagram.
Stay sweet!

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