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Cabot’s Candygram: Unwrapping the Holidays

Cabot’s Candygram: Unwrapping the Holidays

Gift season is upon us, have you heard?? Are you surrounded by the sights and sounds of the season? It does seem to have come a bit earlier this year. I think that people want to jump right into the spirit. 

I’ve been thinking about the holidays a lot ever since Halloween flashed past. It is always an exciting time for my family, but in years past it has felt very stressful to add holiday planning to an already demanding schedule. Perhaps there is less distraction with commutes, birthday parties, dinner parties, and other seemingly endless “must-dos”. There is also something to be said for wanting to briefly transform the place you *now* live/work/play/study/etc. into a winter wonderland with lights, garlands, trees, wreaths...snowflake light projectors anyone? I saw quite a few of my neighbors with new and bigger Halloween decorations this year and I believe that the same thing will happen for Christmas - many people are stuck at home and wanting to be transported elsewhere, even if that place is a house covered with lights, candy cane walkways and animatronic reindeer. This all underscores the need to be surrounded by a place that is both exciting and different but cozy and familiar. 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. How will you be celebrating this year? What adjustments will you make to accommodate visitors, or will it be just immediate family? We are all struggling to a varying degree with what this year looks like and how we will handle it. At my home we will keep it small but return to the recipes and dishes that have brought us together for generations. My favorite is my grandmother’s classic cranberry mold from the 1950’s.

This year, however, I want to reach out more broadly to my community in ways that I have not in the past. Friends and neighbors who would casually catch up over the fence while the kids played might feel shut in this year so the work of staying in touch is really all in the hand-written letter, card, or gift. I plan to send more cards to reconnect with loved ones and I’ve been thinking a lot about the types of gifts I would like to send. I like to send a combination of items and I think the best gift is the kind where you have a bunch of little items to open all nestled in one beautiful package - a gift that bursts with an abundance of joy for the season. 



 Here on the Cape we have been busy creating some of the most beautiful offerings we have ever put together. These gifts contain a broad sampling of our best homemade products, all nestled together in gorgeous gift boxes for that delightful holiday unwrapping magic. Our gifts range from our Fudge Sampler Gift Box to our Cabot’s Deluxe Gift Tower with many other options to choose from. Your family is pretty sweet so why not get them something that everyone can enjoy this season?

Check out the broad array of gifts choices by visiting out our gift page and as always keep up with us by liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram and Pinterest too! We wish the very best health and happiness to you and your family this Thanksgiving! 

Stay sweet, 


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