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Cabot’s Candygram: Sent with 💕

Cabot’s Candygram: Sent with 💕

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about an old friend I have that is about to have a baby girl this month. She lives in San Francisco which seems like a lifetime away from where I live on the North Shore in Massachusetts. 

She is excited to add a new baby girl to their family of three but has shared that she is nervous, as any parent would be, to add another life to their already hectic lives. Like many other families their lives have changed in profound ways during 2020 and now with the looming addition of a new baby the changes would be that much more intense. 

I have been trying to think of ways of being there for her without actually being there. It is a hard time to travel and even if I were to visit I am not sure it is a good time as we head into the fall season and think about sealing up our family “pods”. Perhaps sending a gift card to a local food delivery service - but it seemed so impersonal. I thought about making her food, freezing it, then shipping it, but, eh, maybe not the best idea…

Then it struck me! One of the things that brought us together as friends way back was opening care packages at the sleep away summer camp that we used to attend together as kids. Proudly lugging a beat up box filled with unknown treats back to our tent mates was such a highlight! We would rip open the package and find little games, books, maybe a new flashlight, and always...CANDY! Candy is the staple of the care package, the single item that keeps all the other items together. A flashlight by itself: not so cool, but a flashlight with candy: AMAZING!

To reconnect with my friend and show her that I love her I will send her a care package of curated items including new baby clothes, books, maybe an old letter I can dig up but the item that will cinch it all together will be of course, you guessed it, my own favorite...salt water taffy from Cabot’s Candy. I imagine that in a rare moment of calm she can sit down with the box and open it remembering what it was like when we were little. I hope to give her a little break, a fun memory and little surprise enjoyment without being able to be there myself.

Over the past couple of months we have been so glad to hear from our customers from all over the country about the various ways that they have reached out to loved ones in need of reconnection when they are unable to gather in person. Customers have sent care package treats to elderly parents, grandkids, new college entrants, and friends near and far. Reasons for sending a care package can vary widely; birthday, thinking of you, graduation, missing you, house warming, and many more (including, of course, welcoming a new baby).


 If you have been thinking of ways to feel more connected to loved ones over the past couple of months consider sending a care package from Cabot’s Candy! We can put together a box from the items you select online at and even stick in a sweet little note that you specify during checkout. Our gifts are sure to show the special people in your life how much you love them and are thinking about them.

To find ideas and see what we put together you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram - see you there!

Stay sweet, 


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