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Cabot’s Candygram: OPEN

Cabot’s Candygram: OPEN

It is the beginning of July...FINALLY! We have never been more excited to get a jump on summer than we are right now! The past few months have been a study in restocking, rearranging, and all around candy making. Our online store, has been been running at a steady pace all throughout the fall, winter and spring but now our retail location, at 276 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts is getting its time in the (literal) sun 🌞

Every weekend since the beginning of June the streets and sidewalks of Provincetown (P-town) have been filled with families, couples, older folks, younger folks, beach goers, you-name-it who are ready to get out and about again. We have noticed people who may have once been hesitant to venture out, popping their heads into our candy shop to smell the delicious candy fragrance and really TREAT themselves once again. 

What have you been doing that you are excited about? Did you go to a local beach? Did you see a friend or relative that you haven’t seen in a year? See that new exhibit at a local museum? There is so much to take advantage of and we hear you - we are super excited too!

At the factory and shop we have brought on some new friendly faces to help behind the fudge counter and register as well as professional candy makers to help us in the process of making our salt water taffy, copper kettle fudge, and peanut brittle for you to enjoy. Our team can’t wait to get this summer off to a great start and serve up a fantastic experience.

Maybe you can’t make it out to the tip of Cape Cod this summer, but you are more likely than not to have some plans on the horizon: whether it is a backyard bbq, graduation, birthday party, or Fourth of July celebration which will need some extra sweetening. Wherever you might find yourself this summer, we would be happy to provide you with a taste of the sea shore - wherever you are! 

We have created some new, really fun and varied gift boxes that will please a crowd starting at our 2lb Fudge Sampler containing: Chocolate peanut butter, Sea salt caramel, Chocolate walnut, Maple pecan, Chocolate, Turtle, Peanut butter, and Chocolate Cherry:

To our Cabot’s Party box which contain 10 lbs of mouthwatering candy: 5 lb bucket of our signature saltwater taffy (about 300 pieces in at least 20 flavors), 2 lbs of our handmade fresh fudge,1 lb red licorice wheels, 1 lb fruit slices, 1 lb gummi bears:

To take advantage of the great promotions and fun deals that we have to offer, make sure to sign up for our email list here:

We wish you the best for summer 2021 - enjoy your time in the sun 🌞 

Stay sweet!

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