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Cabot’s Candygram: Live and Learn

Cabot’s Candygram: Live and Learn

Like millions of other students, my daughter went back to school this week. Also like millions of other students her schooling looks very different this year. We are in an area that has embraced a hybrid model for teaching which combines in-person teaching days with at-home remote teaching days. She has gladly embraced this model and we are all doing our best to juggle all of the new computer programs, school communiques, schedules, paperwork, and changes that seemingly happen on a daily basis.

Putting your best foot forward in everything that you do is an important part of life and is something that I want to show my daughter so that she can carry it forward into her life. You cannot control all of the circumstances surrounding the things that you do but you can decide how you approach problems that you may encounter. 

At Cabot’s Candy we learned a lot this summer.

We struggled with high temperatures all across the country (107 degrees in Arizona!). When we found some of our candy had become a bit soft from the heat during travel we performed various experiments using different packaging materials and cooling packs tested in hot cars to most accurately replicate the journey our products might take on their way to our customers. These investigations helped us improve our shipments this summer and for summers to come.

Some of our most popular items sold out so quickly that we had to race to replenish our stock without sacrificing our standards in the process. Our quality control is one of the most important aspects of running our factory and we would never consider changing our recipes for expediency. We have adjusted the way that we order our ingredients to most accurately anticipate when we will need them so as to keep all of our most popular items in stock and ready for purchase. 

We tried to send off our orders in the best shape possible to reach our customers’ doors. We carefully and diligently tracked our shipments but sometimes we ran into some issues with our packages being:











sent to a neighbor 

eaten by a dog 

eaten by the neighbor 

eaten by the neighbor’s dog

...and so on.

On the occasion that a customer would reach out about a problem with their shipment we were eager to help with more information and solutions. We like to make sure that everyone who decides to make a purchase from our company walks away with a smile, having come to a satisfying conclusion.

Despite the above challenges the vast majority of our orders reached their final destinations without a hitch. Our candies took part in birthday parties, weddings, thank-you gifts, thinking-of-you gifts, and missing-you gifts. We are always delighted when our customers reach out to let us know how we were able to bring a little joy and sweetness into their lives.

We may not be able to control all of the circumstances that might affect our deliveries, but as we look forward to fall and to all of the changes and possibilities ahead, we’d like to thank our customers for their business and for allowing us to serve you. We’ll always try to put our best foot forward in everything that we do. 

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Stay sweet, 

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