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Cabot’s Candygram: Halloween Happenings 🎃!

Cabot’s Candygram: Halloween Happenings 🎃!

Somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving something happens on the East Coast as the weather changes from slightly warm to slightly chilly and we start to expect a slow-down in life and an increase in hibernation from the elements. Halloween has just passed and with it all of the ghosts and goblins running across our lawns and hanging from our cob-webbed porches. Candy has moved from neighbors’ bowls to bins squirreled away by adults hoping to sneak some from their kids to enjoy for themselves. 

Halloween was complete with a Nor’easter that terrorized Boston and Cape Cod, including our location of Provincetown Massachusetts. The squall lasted for about three full days resulting in 90K+ customers without power. Having planned for such occasions, we kicked on the generators and powered through! Luckily we were able to make mountains of fudge, tons of taffy, and stacks of brittle for those that would be weathering the storm and storming the weather near and far. 

How was your Halloween this year? What did you give to your local skunks and vampires? Tell us how we can make your Halloween even better! We are always looking for ways to improve our seasonal offerings and get into the spirit (👻) of all the holidays! Email us at: 

If you find yourself tucking in for the fall and winter why not bring along some treats to enjoy and sustain you and your loved ones along the way? To our classic assortment of flavors the master candy makers at Cabot’s Candy have been rolling out some really interesting *NEW* flavors this fall! You can check them out on our website on our Handmade Taffy Collection Page

Or by clicking the photos below:

Black Walnut Taffy

Sour Apple Taffy

Tutti-Frutti Taffy

Neapolitan Taffy

Coconut Pineapple

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