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Cheerful Gift Box

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This fun packed gift box is sure to delight all ages! Slide back the panel on this beautiful wooden box to find:

-1 lb box of Cabot's signature saltwater taffy

-1/2 lb our handmade chocolate peanut butter fudge

-1/2 lb our handmade milk chocolate fudge

-1/4 lb Red and Black Raspberries

-1/4 lb Goetze Bullseye Caramel Creams

-1/4 lb Red Licorice Scottie Dogs

-1/4 lb Chewy Spree

-1/4 lb Gummi bears

-1/4 lb Chocolate covered pretzels 

- 5 oz of our handmade peanut brittle

Colorful, fresh and delicious, this cheery gift is filled to the brim with goodies!

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